Coping with Alzheimers, Dementia or another incapacity issue?

Coping with Alzheimers, Dementia or another incapacity issue?
Alzheimers and Dementia

We want to help with a challenge that our family is meeting.  My name is James and this is my mum, Lynne.

Between five and six years ago we noticed mum was experiencing some memory issues.  At her 70th birthday she had forgotten the death of an extended family member.  This was the prompt for us as a family to make the decision to intervene in mum's life and make an appointment with her GP.

This blog is about our family's journey.  We have experienced upset, denial and anger along with a togetherness that, whilst straining sibling relationships, has brought us all closer together.

Mum is well and still has a part of her sense of humour in tact.

We will be sharing our experiences with healthcare, solicitors, banks, social services, care providers, charities along with the police, vets and our wider family.

This is an introduction to a forthcoming series of blogs.  If you recognise our story, have one to share or simply would like a conversation, please reach out to us.