You can use Yonderlife for someone else

Yonderlife is built for you. Choose to use it yourself or ask a loved one to help. Sign up for free.

You can use Yonderlife for someone else

You can use Yonderlife or a loved one can use Yonderlife for you.

You may be an IT whizz or perhaps unsure of computers. Either way, we believe that you have memories that you want to share, a life to pass on, affairs to deal with and assets to consider.

You can get someone else to help you.

Yonderlife creates estates for individuals, which may be yourself or someone else. Click on the link below to sign up for free.

It is really easy to create one either for yourself or someone else. Then you can add multiple estates and access them in one place.

All estates are private and only accessed with those you want, whether that's a family member, solicitor, accountant or trusted other.

• We want you to create your legacy either yourself or with the help of someone trusted by you.

• We want to help with the challenges around Alzheimers or Dementia where loved ones can create a legacy for those struggling with capacity.

• We want to help executors, who need to obtain grant of probate and administer a deceased estate to the best their abilities.  

Technology may not be your strong point, but you want the best for your family. This is not a problem.