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My wife( 65 years old) has got short term memory loss. I feel stressed because I don’t know how to help her for the best.

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My wife( 65 years old) has got short term memory loss. The alarm bell rang when she couldn’t remember if she had her Covid jab or not. She has had brain scans but they only reveal “normal wear and tear” ( the doctors words). I feel stressed because I don’t know how to help her for the best.

You have both done the right thing in arranging for your GP to undertake tests. As we all know this is a routine request, that is increasing in need. This part seems positive.

The fact that you are worried and can see differences in your wife's memory is naturally of concern.  Being told that this is normal wear and tear for someone of 65 years seems more medical than practical in terms of diagnosis. You could either look towards a second opinion or take some comfort in that.

Our minds are wonderfully complex and need exercising.  As with all things involving mental health, positively interacting with family members, surrounding yourself with people who add positively to your life, having a good work/life balance, getting out into nature, looking after a pet, taking up a fun hobby and learning something new can all help.

Age UK have published the following information:

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Many would say keeping the mind active is the best way to keep thinking skills sharp. But is this true? Dr Alan Gow looks at the evidence. Read more at Age UK.

I know that I need some legal help but don’t where to go. I suppose I am looking for support and advice for me really.

This is a slightly different matter, however just as important. Your first step is to discuss through your concerns and requirements with a legal professional. Everyone is concerned about the cost of legal advice which should be published on a legal firm's website or alternatively be clearly explained when arranging a initial consultation. Good legal advice will however cost money.

Our question to you is more personal.  Are you looking for legal advice in the context of financial planning and your will, or are you looking for support in how to progress your lives together at such an emotionally intensive time?