How much does Yonderlife cost?

Save money with probate and administering a deceased estate. Help with probate valuations. Be better informed.

How much does Yonderlife cost?
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The following is FREE for everyone.

  • Say what you feel by leaving wishes for your funeral and anything else you want said.
  • Explain your affairs by listing financial and digital accounts.
  • Tell them what you own by creating an inventory of assets.
  • Show how you live by leaving memories for loved ones, friends and family.
  • Upload your will.
  • Upload a financial or medical power of attorney for a loved one.
  • Share your estate with those you trust.

Use Yonderlife with parents, children, those you trust, solicitors, accountants and most importantly all your loved ones.

Yonderlife works by estate, so you can have a personal one for yourself whilst helping out a parent if they need it.

To save you money when organising a funeral, obtaining probate or administering an estate, Yonderlife costs £180.

For this, you get both tools to prepare your legacy and assistance for those you trust to administer your estate.  You also get unlimited albums for all your memories.

  • Step-by-step help to organise the funeral.
  • Step-by-step help to obtain grant of probate.
  • Step-by-step help to administer an estate.
  • A probate valuation inventory.
  • The ability to personalise and customise.
  • The ability to comment, remind and assign.
  • The ability to upload files, documents and images.
  • Sharing with family, trusted friends, your solicitor and accountant.

In comparison our fees are based on an average hourly rate for a junior probate solicitor. You pay once for Yonderlife for the entirety of your life's journey and estate legacy.

Our community is freely available.  If you can help when someone has died, please let us know.

Why not sign up for free and let us know what you think?