Why we built Yonderlife.

Why we built Yonderlife.
Team Yonderlife!

We are a team of four, two couples behind Yonderlife.

We all have experience in what to do when someone dies, from valuing items, selling possessions, managing relationships with probate solicitors and other professional services, to building software and selling probate properties.

We have spent a lot of our professional lives dealing with the practicalities surrounding a bereavement. However it is the personal feelings generated by sitting with a widowed wife from over fifty years of marriage or the shredding of unwanted wedding photos from deceased estates due to data protection legislation that formed the basis of our thinking.

Peoples' lives are greater than the sum of its parts, and more often than not are worth more than the contents of a will.

Our aim is to help people when someone has died, to compliment their will and to enable their legacy to live on.

We are in different personal circumstances. On one side we are dealing with a parent with Alzheimers and want a solution to help our family with this cruel challenge. On the other side a wonderful new addition to a family, where we want to protect the new family unit should the very worst happen.

We believe that getting your affairs in order is an important step towards helping those you love deal with bereavement.  You may have many happy years ahead of you, be caring for a loved one or unfortunately be dealing with a death. Either way Yonderlife is designed to help you.

Yonderlife is a business, with a pay service for great software that is value for money. We are also a community. A freely available resource for anyone looking for help when someone has died.

As the four of us move forward with our lives from PhD's, to estate agency to developing software, we would appreciate hearing from you about how you can use Yonderlife. We want to evolve for our customers and hear from anyone who can help when someone has died.

Yonderlife is all about what to do when someone dies.
What to do when someone dies. How to protect your family, save money and be better prepared.
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